Closed Circuit Television or CCTV has become a huge security product in today’s society.  Due to its rapid growth, CCTV has become a minefield of products and systems.

IP CCTV offers full HD and above, with crystal clear picture quality now coming as standard. Whether home or business, Simlec can design, install, maintain and repair all types and sizes of system whilst keeping you on the right side of the law with regards to the operation of your cctv system and the handling of the information it captures.

One of the key features that our clients like is the ability to use a smart device (phone, tablet) to login to their system anytime of the day and anywhere in the world (providing you have an internet connection) and view their cameras live for full peace of mind.

Why choose to have CCTV professionally installed by Simlec?

DIY kits and cheap internet offers usually supply older technology that provides an inferior level of security designed for a wider market.  Simlec only use reputable leading manufacturers that have a proven record for quality and outstanding reliability.  The laws that govern cctv have in recent years been tightened up not only for businesses but also residential systems. Having your cctv system designed and installed by Simlec will ensure you and your system fully comply.  With further on going maintenance from our skilled trained engineers to ensure your new or current system continues to function and perform as expected.  Upgrades to existing systems can offer a cost effective route to enhancing your current cctv system while growing with your requirements.

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