Home & Office Automation



Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular and offer different solutions for energy efficiency and general lifestyle.  Your average home has virtually no intelligence other than probably a programmable heating control. The smart homes that can be achieved today and adapted in the future are here to help make living spaces a pleasure to not only live in but control home or away. Lighting and temperature control are normally the starting point for most people to which you can then add a whole world of other items to control.


One of the biggest benefits we have seen in the growth of home automation products is all the leading brands now offer wireless capabilities to their ranges which opens the doors for all those home owners who wish to utilise the power of a smart home but did not want all the hassles of running in new cabling in their finished homes.

There aren’t many things now in the home that can’t be controlled and linking these systems to your security/CCTV systems along with music/films has never been so easy and hassle free.

Simlec design, install and maintain most leading brands as well as offer upgrades and repairs to existing systems. We have many years experience within the home automation field and over the years built up an excellent working relationship with our suppliers to make sure that we offer the very best equipment and solutions for our clients.






Automation in the office or work place comes from the need to help reduce energy in the work place as well as help staff use new technologies efficiently. Lighting control in offices and corridors can dramatically reduce running costs as they adapt to the realtime lighting levels and adjust their output to the correct level for the task area.  Your lighting system can also be linked to modern access control systems so it knows when there are no staff on site and turns off all unnecessary lighting and set back your heating.

Simlec office control

The boardroom, meeting rooms and presentation areas of the modern office now require high tech equipment to display information. Simple tasks like shutting all blinds, turning on projector, dimming lighting and selecting the correct inputs can be achieved with a single button. You may also have a training room that simply needs a protector & screen with a console for a computer or even a smart interactive board.

Company receptions are now an area where high impact sales and information for visiting customers set your company above your competitors. Information screens and corporate videos can be displayed along with lighting systems displaying your products with mood setting music.