Home Cinema

Treat yourself and be the envy of your friends by showcasing the latest blockbuster or timeless classics on the big screen in your home. With DVD/blu-ray and now online content, being immersed in the full movie experience at home has never been easier.  Installing systems into existing living rooms or converting a spare room or garage into a home theatre when fitted by us brings the full drama and experience into your home.


Clever design can ensure your room is multi-functional and is not dominated by the home cinema set up when not in use.  Wiring can be concealed, with the full complement of equipment controlled using a single remote or touch panel.  Television screens can be wall mounted or we can combine the use of high quality projectors with a motorised screen which would either be wall mounted or hidden in walls or ceilings.


Multi room audio will enable you to control the music in every room of your house using a simple in-wall keypad or remote.  You can have different music playing in every room, create your soundtrack for a party, relaxing night in or energetic tunes for a work out. The added bonus is that the installation will also reduce any clutter as all equipment will be discreetly hidden away – with in-wall/ceiling mounted speakers, or even wall mounted art speakers playing your favourite music anytime, at the touch of a button.


Put a stop to those family arguments over what to watch on the TV! With multi room video we can install screens in as many rooms of your home as you wish.  Imagine being able to use cable/satellite, DVD and Blu-Ray players, video servers or games consoles simultaneously around the home. Additionally, with the use of CCTV we can ensure you can monitor the security of your property on any screen you wish at any time.