Testing & Inspecting

Fixed electrical installations

Whether you are a home owner, Landlord or a business owner/manager the fixed electrical installation is an important part of our lives and is only getting more important with modern demands so making sure it’s safe and fit for current service is vital. It’s now a legal requirement for all work places to prove they have a safe and correctly working fixed electrical system and one of the ways of achieving this is to have a Electrical Installation Condition Report. This will help highlight any safety or risk concerns to not only you and your staff but to your property as well. Although not a legal requirement for home owners it should be something that you consider for yourself and family members safety and peace of mind.


Planned testing and inspecting at regular intervals will give you an understanding on the current performance of the fixed electrical system and preventative maintenance will help ensure that your electrical systems run efficiently and trouble free.

We are experienced testers in all types of buildings from domestic, offices, retail outlets, factories, care homes and educational establishments. We use the correct access and test equipment to safely carry out all testing with very little disruption.

  • We can carry out a full range of remedial repairs where required.
  • Landlords use us as a one stop solution, as we can “test and repair” reducing costs and visits.
  • Selling your home? you many need a Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)


In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment

Also known as PAT testing is as the heading says the testing and inspecting along with a report of the condition of portable/semi-fixed electrical appliances. Items like office IT equipment, site power tools and landlords kitchen appliances should be inspected & tested for any defects whilst making sure the equipment is safe for use. Although only basic tests along with a visual inspection are performed it still should be carried out by a competent person with the relevant test equipment and training and a report generated. We can take care of all your appliance testing and reporting for you.